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The Speed-Survey

What is the Speed-Survey?

The speed-survey is an attempt to measure website performance and content delivery speed in the real world. For many years getting a website to really deliver to the best of its capabilities was more of a black art than a response time science. The speed-survey exists to provide services to promote good website engineering.


The first and most important service that the speed-survey provide is a free ongoing performance measurement and speed test. The objective of this service is to give webmasters (whether novice or expert) a tool to analyse their work and their hosting network resources. Currently, over 3 million web page views are measured every month by this growing service.


Whatever your project needs to do: optimize for Internet Explorer, tune Apache 2 httpd configuration and modules, scale a Microsoft IIS cluster, minimize HTTP connection time, boost Oracle throughput, better Google search engine speeds, tweak your TCP/IP stack, benchmark a Beowulf cluster, redraw your tier ISP network connection route map, upgrade your Cisco routers, switching to XHTML as advised by the W3C, zip your pictures, try out a new theme or just write faster HTML/XML/PHP. The Speed-Survey can give you before and after ongoing surveys, so that you will be able to identify the hot tip or advanced configuration that did the job and satisifed your need for speed.

The performance measurement report will give a good understanding of how long it takes you average user to load and view your content. Where possible this report will provide a breakdown of the performance by time of day, geographic location, content displayed and browser type. An example report is available here.

Keep in mind that each website will vary depending on the content you provide. For example, a site like Orchard will have a different site speed than IMEI.info. Going further, speed tests might vary between different pages on the same website, e.g. this page for a iPhone 5S for sale compared to this page for a iPhone 6 for sale.

How fast is my website?

To find out you just need to follow these steps. There is no fee, no registration, no contract and no commitment.
  1. Read and understand the agreement.
  2. Instrument your website so that we can make accurate measurements.
    It is not difficult, it should never adversely affect your site, but it will continuously measure and record the delivery performance of your website. Just read the instructions.
  3. Await the monthly results.
    Provided we are getting sufficient speed measurements to produce a report then we will send you an email giving you the performance figures.
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